Computer Enclosure – PC Defender

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  • PC Defender Unit
  • Fan and Filter System
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Fits up to a 24″ Monitor
  • Regular Defender is 6″ deep and Large Defender is 10″ deep
  • Pedestal and wheel assembly available

Defender Installation Manual Defender Specs Sheet

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PC Defender: Washdown-ready

Built for Harsh Environments

The PC Defender industrial computer enclosure is your ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable computer equipment in challenging environments. Whether you operate in industrial settings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or outdoor locations, the PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure is purpose-built to thrive in the face of adversity. Its rugged construction and robust materials ensure optimal performance in harsh conditions, making it the ideal choice for industrial PC enclosure needs.

Uncompromising Protection

This industrial PC enclosure boasts a NEMA 4/4X rating (IP66 equivalent), providing superior defense against dust, dirt, water, and corrosion. Your equipment stays shielded and secure, thanks to its tight-fitting compression locks and sealed window, making it washdown-ready. The PC Defender ensures uncompromising protection against dust, water, tampering, and other potential threats, surpassing expectations for a dust-resistant and water-proof computer enclosure.

Invest in Reliable Security

At PC Enclosures, our reputation as a trusted industry leader speaks for itself. The PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering durable and secure enclosures that meet the demands of various environments. With its NEMA 4/4X (IP66 equivalent) rating, this industrial PC enclosure offers unrivaled protection, guaranteeing the safety and longevity of your computer equipment.

Features and Benefits

The PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure is equipped with advanced security features. Tamperproof locks, reinforced panels, and a sturdy steel body ensure that your valuable assets remain safe and secure within this fortress. It deters unauthorized access, effectively preventing theft or tampering attempts. The PC Defender is your answer for an industrial computer workstation with uncompromising security.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining the PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure is a hassle-free process. Its user-friendly design ensures quick and straightforward setup. The accessible design of this industrial PC enclosure facilitates convenient maintenance, guaranteeing efficient operation and minimizing downtime. With the PC Defender, spend less time worrying about equipment protection and more time focusing on your operations.

NEMA 4/4X Rated

By housing your computers within the PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure, you significantly prolong their lifespan and optimize their performance in harsh environments. Shielding them from dust, debris, water, and other potential hazards, this industrial computer enclosure reduces the risk of damage and extends the longevity of your valuable equipment. With its NEMA 4/4X (IP66 equivalent) rating, you can trust that your computers are protected against even the most challenging environmental conditions. Our washdown ready units will keep your electronics safe and secure, making any environment suitable to have electronics.

Don't compromise on the safety, security, and longevity of your valuable assets. Request a quote or contact us today to discover how the PC Defender Industrial Computer Enclosure, with its NEMA 4/4X (IP66 equivalent) rating, can provide the ultimate protection for your computer equipment. Experience peace of mind and uncompromising reliability with our industrial PC enclosure solution.


Product Specifications

Ships with:

  • Black Powdered Coated Steel or Stainless Steel NEMA 4 Rated Enclosure
  • Clear Polycarbonate Window
  • Computer Mounting Bracket
  • Computer Mounting Hardware
  • Gasket
  • Keyed lock and 2 keys
  • Fan and Filter System

Available Accessories:

  • Anti-Glare Window
  • Anti-Microbial Powder Coat Finish
  • Thermostat Controlled Heater
  • Upgraded 3/8" Polycarbonate (Standard 1/4")
  • Custom Color
  • Folding Hinges for Folding Keyboard Tray


  • PC Defender (31" x 26" x 6")
  • Large PC Defender (31" x 26" x 10")
  • Stainless Steel PC Defender: (31" x 26" x 6")
  • Large Stainless Steel PC Defender: (31" x 26" x 10")

Enclosure Weight:

  • PC Defender: 52 lbs
  • Large PC Defender: 55 lbs
  • Stainless Steel PC Defender: 48 lbs
  • Large Stainless Steel PC Defender: 52 lbs