Fabrication Process of an Industrial Computer Cabinet

Our stainless steel enclosures are manufactured using the latest technology. In this video, you will see the fabrication process for our stainless steel PC Defender. Our industrial enclosures have been tested for over a decade in just about any application you can think of. Outdoors where the average temperature during winter is well below freezing, in harsh factories where they protect daily against corrosive chemicals, liquids, and damaging dust, during summer where the temperature reaches above 100 degrees, and in many retail situations where our attractive designs help draw in more customers (while also keeping out any would-be thieves or vandals).

Here at PC Enclosures, we know enclosures… it’s sort of our thing. We’ve been designing protective cases for just about any piece of technology you could ever think to protect (and then a bunch more for ones you never would have). This video shows a part of the fabrication process of our PC Defender enclosure, the design of which is result of over a decade of learning, growing, and enhancing to stand up to anything you can throw at it. You can rest assured with our PC Defender protecting your equipment, there’s nothing that can damage or steal your LCD monitor and computer.

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