Anti Ligature TV Enclosure (LCD Guardian)

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Sloped Top LCD Guardian – Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure

LCD Enclosures for Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities

This ligature resistant TV enclosure for LCD, plasma, & flat panel TV monitors is water, dust, and tamper proof. Compliant with Joint Commission Standards (JCAHO), this enclosure has stylish sloped tops and bottoms with a seamless, flush wall fit.

An antimicrobial powder coat is also available for hospitals looking for a microbe / microorganism resistant finish. These suicide resistant TV enclosures are perfect for hospitals, psychological treatment centers, behavioral health centers, assisted living, and other medical facilities.

TV Enclosures for Jails & Detention Facilities

With seamless fittings, flush wall mounting, industrial locks, sloped top, thick steel construction, and durable finish, the Sloped Top LCD Guardian is the perfect anti ligature tv enclosure for jails and other detention facilities where equipment preservation and protection from resident self-harm are top concerns. 

Ligature & Suicide Resistant TV Features

Experience has shown that the safest medical, detention, and other facilities with sensitive residents use non-looping, ligature resistant, and otherwise self-harm resistant TV enclosures and cabinets. These safety measures are provided by sloped surfaces, rounded edges, spaceless wall fitment, tamperproof locks and closures, and industrial strength build materials and finishes that don’t allow cordage or other potential ligature to loop, remain fixed to, or hold to any enclosed monitors. Besides helping facilities meet industry compliance requirements, our cabinets allow staff put their full focus on other important areas of care and safety.

Additional Features of our Anti-Ligature TV Enclosures

The Sloped Top LCD Guardian by PC Enclosures is available in multiple sizes for 17″ – 65″ screens and performs well in outdoor and harsh public or industrial environments. This flat panel display enclosure includes a durable, clear polycarbonate window that provides outstanding protection and a clear view of your enclosed flat panel TV or display. The enclosed television monitor is clearly viewable and the sound clearly audible. The steel enclosure does not interfere with remote controls but resists any type of tampering or modification.

The PC Enclosures Advantage

PC Enclosures is the industry leader in anti ligature, sloped top enclosures for LCD TVs and computers. For over 20 years we have outfitted hundreds of hospitals, other healthcare facilities, jails, and other detention facilities with thousands of the highest quality enclosure products. Our service is also second to none. Submit a quote request or call to learn more.


Other Anti Ligature Enclosures from PC Enclosures

Product Details

Ships with:

Steel Enclosures, Clear Plastic Window, LCD Mounting Bracket,
Fan, Filter, Gasket, and Keyed Lock.

Available Accessories:

Anti-Glare Polycarbonate Window, Antimicrobial Powder Coat Finish, Thermostat Controlled Heater


15 – 24″ Sloped Top LCD Guardian
26 – 32″ Sloped Top LCD Guardian
37 – 47″ Sloped Top LCD Guardian
50 – 57″ Sloped Top LCD Guardian
58 – 65″ Sloped Top LCD Guardian

Materials Available:

Powder Coated,
Stainless Steel

Nema Rating:

4, 4x

Shipping Weight:

24″: 30 lbs
32″: 60 lbs
47″: 80 lbs
57″: 100 lbs
65″: 120 lbs