NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Computer Enclosures

NEMA 4X, Washdown Ready, Stainless Steel LCD TV Enclosures
Computer Enclosures enable operation of computers in a certain harsh industrial, public or outdoor environments that require some added protection of a Nema 4 rated industrial computer enclosure. Our dust, water, and tamper proof computer enclosures, laptop enclosures, and printer enclosures are perfect for housing a standard computer or printer in harsh environments. Nema 4 rated industrial computers are a viable option, but they are typically proprietary (hard to upgrade), very expensive, and do not protect against tampering and theft.The most cost effective and flexible solution is a rugged computer enclosure that protects any standard computer against dust, water, tampering, and theft. Enclosures provide a return on hardware investment by not only extending the life of all electronic devices in any environment, protecting them from harsh surroundings, but also through reducing or eliminating costly production downtime. Many facilities do not calculate how much computer or other hardware downtime may cost them in terms of production loss until they have experienced it the hard way. Computer enclosures provide a durable, yet practical protection system that extends the life of computers and other hardware, reduces costly downtime, and offers a cost effective alternative to expensive industrial computers. A return on investment like this is a sure bet for anyone business that is installing computer or other electronic equipment in a harsh industrial, public, or outdoor location where, tampering, theft, or the elements may be a concern.

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