Computer Enclosures: a Cost Effective Alternative to Kiosks

Computer Enclosures
In this digital age that we now live in, almost everything is done electronically. One of the biggest conveniences of everything being digital is the simplicity of electronic payment options throughout many different establishments. More and more companies from all types of different industries are seeing the advantages of switching to electronic payments. However, many of these companies also do not have the funds to put an actual kiosk on site for these electronic payments to be processed in. But, there are solutions to this problem to help you and your company advance to the ease of electronic payments without emptying out your wallet.

It is virtually impossible today to run a business without a computer. So, it’s a safe assumption to say that pretty much every business already has a PC that they use to track information for their company. Instead of purchasing a new kiosk for an electronic payment station, what if you could use the computer you already have? At PC Enclosures we believe that this can be done. We have a few options that can be used a solution for a project such as this. For businesses that are looking for a more cost efficient solution, we have the PC Defender computer enclosure or the PC Qube computer enclosure.

The PC Qube and the PC Defender are both powder coated steel enclosures (we can also make them in Stainless Steel) that are designed to protect your computer from tampering, dust, water, and weather damage. They also come with flushed key locks for security. These features make them perfect for high traffic areas such as retail stores, public establishments, etc. Our PC enclosures come with a Lexan window to protect your screen from any damage as well. If you prefer to use a touch screen, we can easily build the enclosure to match this need.

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