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Protect your PC and LCD TV monitors from water, dust, theft, chemicals, tampering, ligature misuse, and extreme temperatures. Our TV enclosures are well built, sleek and affordable without sacrificing quality or function and they’re used worldwide in leading companies such as Coca Cola, Cargill, Ford Motors, Disney, P&G, Frito Lay, GP, and Clorox to protect critical processes.

PC Computer, LCD TV Monitor, Printer, & Other Enclosure Solutions

PC Protective Case

PC Computer Enclosure
(PC Defender)

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LCD TV Enclosure
(LCD Guardian)

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Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure
(Sloped Top LCD Guardian)

Waterproof Printer Case

Printer Enclosure
(Printer Qube)

Shatterproof TV Enclosure

The LCD Guardian is one of our most liked and most versatile industrial enclosures. It encloses an LCD TV and protects it against anything that come its way. With its Nema 4, 4x, 12 ratings, it can be used indoor or outdoor and keeps your TV safe from hose directed water, rain, and foreign contaminants like airborne dust or dirt. With an optional A/C unit and thermostat they are even used in harsh outdoor…..

Industrial Computer Cabinet

Here we showcase one of our best selling products – The PC Defender. This enclosure has Nema 4, 4x, and 12 rating. It is engineered for either indoor or outdoor use and protects against water, dust, and even corrosion. We have honed this product for more than a decade to safeguard a computer CPU and monitor on the inside with a standard (removeable and foldable) keyboard and mouse tray…..

Anti-Ligature, Sloped Top TV Enclosures

LCD TV screens are utilized for entertainment, digital advertising, and productivity. Even government facilities such as hospitals, prisons, and jails utilize LCD TV screens for public information and patient entertainment. Our anti-ligature TV Enclosure options provide non-looping TV solutions for hospital behavioral wards and correctional facilities to prevent self harm to patients……

Our PC and TV Enclosure Products in Action

We took a tour inside Utah’s largest brewery, the Uinta Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City to see how they are using our PC Defender enclosure and 24″ LCD Guardian to enclose their computers and TV’s in a wet, industrial working environment protecting them from water, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Thanks guys for letting us come take a look!

Fabrication Process of an Industrial Computer Cabinet

Made in the USA, our stainless steel enclosures are manufactured using the latest technology. In this video, you will see the fabrication process for our stainless steel PC Defender. Our industrial enclosures have been tested for over a decade in just about any application you can think of.